The Play 3D printer brings you closer to the world of 3D printing in the most simple and affordable way. Designed specifically for the education sector, is the perfect kit for learning and initiation in the world of 3D printing. Easy and quick to assemble and also very safe due to its external source and reduced consumption. All electrical installation works at 12V.

Visit the DOCUMENTATION section on this website to access the STL files, BOM list, manuals, firmware and print profiles.


Now, pay attention

To assemble your printer you need three “packages”:


  • Structural elements (Kit Maker Edition) . Composed by chassis, rods, methacrylate printing base, spindle and hotend support. You can buy it in our shop



  • Additional components . Composed of vitamins (screws, motors and electronics).

The Play 3D printer assembles standard components that you can find in any online store. You can find the BOM list with all the vitamins you need in the DOCUMENTATION section of the website. In that section you also have links to stores that have already prepared the entire set of components and have already done the work for you.


  • Printed parts . STL files

You can download the STL files in the DOCUMENTATION section of the web. If you do not have the possibility to print the files, in that section, you can also find links to stores where you can buy these pieces already printed.

Printed Parts

With these three packs, you will be able to assemble the kit. The final result is a precise and reliable 3D printer, in addition to being fully upgradeable.
You can find numerous updates on websites like thingiverse